9th Khenchen Thrangu Tulku Karma Lodrö Lungrik Maway Senge

4 Noble Truths

9th Khenchen Thrangu Tulku Karma Lodrö Lungrik Maway Senge
Vajrayana: Karma Kagyu

  1. 4 Noble Truths Booklet - 25pg (86Kb)

The Buddha lives 500 years before the birth of Christ and his teacings, which make up over 30 volumes the size of the Christian Bible, revolutionized thinking of his time. This booklet begins by briefly giving a description of the twelve major events in the Buddha's life. The Buddha was a remarkable man who taught that the universal characteristic of man is that he or she endures discontent and suffering. He further taught that the way to end this suffering is not to appearl to a god or gods, but to actually examine one's mind through meditation to discover why one is suffering. The next section of this booklet is a description of the first discourse that the Buddha gave after reaching enlightenment that oulines the Buddhist path. The Four Noble Truths lay out the foundation of the Buddha's techings and they are still studied today by all sects of Buddhism all over the world.

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